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This is the place I call home,  at least on the web, where I  can share all of my various interests. I have many hobbies so I am never bored. If the weather is nice I have many outdoor activities to keep me occupied. There is always something to do around the yard, weeding the gardens, pruning, harvesting, woodworking, playing with the dogs, observing nature in and around my gardens or just relaxing by the fire listening to the bullfrogs. When the weather isn't very nice I stay in, sewing, baking, blogging or researching my family history.

I like walking through cemeteries, reading the gravestones and photographing family stones as well as unusual ones. I am interested in the history of the places that my ancestors lived in, how they lived, what was happening around them and I enjoy touring museums and historical buildings to learn more about them. I also enjoy go out to auctions and yard sales, and collecting different everyday items that my ancestors may have used, I have several collections. I love spending time with my  living family too! 

In the summer we go camping for a couple of weeks, usually at Emily Prov. Park in the Kawartha's. We boat and fish and go to different museums and attractions in the area, taking lots of pictures. I'm hoping that we'll be able to take our own boat up next summer.

Gnomes For Now

October 12, 2013

Over the summer I've been creating a "fairy garden" beside our side patio that was a driveway in the spring. It isn't quite finished yet, I'm going to make furniture and accessories for it over the winter. There are gnomes living in it for now, they are guarding the garden against wildlife digging it up. I started out with the top piece of a deconstructed homemade display counter turned upside down. I then hid the box by arranging old sandstone bricks around it so that it was hidden. Then I started filling it with potting soil. 


I planted some Irish moss and sedum I had. I planted a boxwood that sprouted last year in the flower garden. I am planning on training it into a tree in the fairy garden. I bought a sea thrift and divided it into two plants and I found a heather plant at Colasanti's that was a perfect plant to put in the corner. I am hoping that the garden will start filling in next spring.

I noticed some holes being dug around the fairy garden every morning so I decided to use some old cast iron bbq grates I had to put over the empty areas, the plants can grow in between the grates and the critters can't dig holes.

I had a resin table-top fountain that didn't work anymore that was the perfect size for my garden and I re-purposed a bird feeder that was falling apart into a gazebo as well. I will be painting it over the winter. For the rest of the empty spaces, I put a concrete gnome and a mushroom and a ceramic gnome and a stone pathway.


My Display Table

October 11, 2013

I rescued a couple of items from the burn pile that were tossed on  over the winter. they are two flare boxes that my father-in-law tossed into the scrap wood pile and brought over when he was cleaning out the garage. One, my son has already re-finished and mounted his lure collection in and the one left is going to be made into a display table.

I'll be making a base for it with scrap wood and I saved the legs from a broken coffee table a few years ago that I'll use.



Spring Has Sprung, Hibernation Is Over

March 17, 2012

It is going to be going to 74 today, hurray! The spring bulbs are starting to sprout under the dead leaves and the trees are budding. I'll be spring cleaning outside today and start getting the gardens ready for the new season. I can sit out on the deck again, I got the chairs out of storage. Maybe we'll even have our first barbecue of the season tonight!

The dogs are taking advantage too, usually they go out for a few minutes when we get up but want to come in right away. Today they don't want to come inside, they've been out for almost two hours now. I guess I'll put their dishes out for them, they must be getting thirsty.

The dogs are getting impatient with he snow fence around the pond and the frogs teasing them on the other side. That will be coming down today so I can clean around the pond. It looks like the fish and frogs came through the mild winter okay.I have a lot of pruning to do, it seems like everything just kept growing all winter.

Speaking of dogs, I will probably begin the clean-up by cleaning up after them. Well, it's already 52 so I think I'm going to get started, get my garden shoes out and enjoy my coffee out on the deck!

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